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Why EOSphere
1. Why EOSphere
2. Why EOSphere – Q2 2019

Why EOSphere

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EOSphere is an Australian based and registered PTY LTD business headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. Committed to EOSIO technology we aim to serve the entire EOSphere enabling community growth and EOSIO platform adoption through provision of foundational block producer services and initiatives.

Our primary function is to effectively provide the block producer services required to support thousands of commercial scale DApps which requires not only an agile and secure enterprise scale infrastructure solution, but also a mature operational structure to govern, monitor, maintain and manage an EOSIO blockchain.

Our current team of 8 is made up of career professionals; datacentre, networking and security experts and community members. You can read about our latest additions here.

Our Data Centre Deployments  have been run in AWS to date and we are currently in the middle of migration to BareMetal across two geographically separate locations,  which is expected to be deployed in the next 4 weeks. High speed CPU cores, a large RAM footprint, 10GB Networking, Load balancing, DDoS mitigation, Segmented HA security and Internet feeds.. and our personal favourite NVMe disk arrays to handle the high amount of IOPS necessary to run EOSIO software.

Professional integrity, transparency, commitment, cooperation and independence are all characteristics that the EOSIO community have come to expect from EOSphere since the start of our company launch in January 2018 (Candidacy Announcement). We believe in the concept of a positive feedback loop where block rewards are reinvested back into the EOSIO Ecosystem to grow the community and platform adoption.

Since our business creation we have been completely self-funded and will never accept any external investment or influence from other parties to ensure we are true to our values which further emphasises our independence.

Over the last 11 months we have strived to fulfill our commitment to the EOSIO community and have managed to achieve a multitude of  initiatives within our funding means:

  • Technical article and video on how to build an EOS development environment from source. View Here
  • Regular publishing of an EOS News Digest. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  • Technical article and video on how to run the EOIO Genesis Snapshot Generator. View Here
  • Produced a community video explaining our view of a block producers role in English, Mandarin and Korean.
  • Conducted an EOS Meetup Tour across 5 Australian States. View Here
  • Monthly EOS meetup sponsorship for the Melbourne Blockchain Centre.
  • Participation in 3 community testnets. arrowhead jungle superhero
  • Facilitated a Thomas Cox webinar: Putting crypto economic theory into practice: How the skilled hand meets the cultivated mind in the world of blockchains. View Here
  • Partnership with the Blockchain Centre for EOS education and Business Incubation. View Here
  • Partnership with RMIT for EOS research and online EOS developer courses. View Here
  • Sponsorship and support of the Community “Hack Till Dawn” Hackathon. View Here
  • Sponsorship of the Chintai Token Leasing Platform. View Here
  • Sponsorship and support of the EOSUnion Cup – Business Plan Competition. View Here
  • Sponsorship of the first EOS community voting platform. View Here
  • Built, Deployed and Open Sourced one of the first secure EOS voting Portals (EOS Voter) . View Article Here and Endorsements Here
  • Educated the Community on the RAM Crisis. View Here
  • Technical Video on how to use CLEOS. Part1 Part2
  • Friendly Video on How to be Hackathon Fit. View Here
  • Technical Project Video on how to build an EOS Hardware Wallet. View Here
  • Creation of the Good Guys 4 EOS Voting Proxy. View Here
  • We provide regular updates on who the Good Guys 4 EOS votes for. History and Digest #1 #2 #3 #4
  • We review the Top EOS Wallets regularly. View Here
  • We help valuable messages and services get out to the greater community. View Here
  • We have Partnered with Emanate the self governing Audio Exchange Protocol.  View Here
  • We have partnered with WORBLI to run Infrastructure Services and Initiatives on their Financial Services Network. View Here
  • We have launched a team on BOID to help with Research. Join the Team Here
  • Sponsorship of My EOS Wallet to enable the use of Hardware Wallets on EOS.
  • We are contributors to the EOS Bootcamp Initiative.
  • We support and sponsor community initiatives for the benefit of the ecosystem. #1 #2 #3
  • We support the Woman of EOS. View Here
  • We are Carbon NeutralAuthority Website Here
  • Regularly hold EOSIO Meetups across Australia.  Perth MelbourneAdelaide Brisbane Sydney
  • Regularly Attend and Present at Events. Full Video Playlist Here
  • We Support great DApps and more to come. PixEOS 0xWarriorsEOSknights EOSROBOTS
  • We will be partnering with TELOS for their imminent launch.

Since EOS-Mainnet launch we have had numerous requests from Businesses and DApp developers for assistance on their EOSIO projects and initiatives.  It is therefore a natural evolution that EOSphere responds to the ecosystems request for support. We want to leverage our community standing and expertise to provide exactly this for really great EOSIO projects and so we have launched a Professional Services arm of EOSphere called EOSphere DEV. EOSphere DEV aims to assist with EOSIO platform adoption by real world businesses after all it is all about the DApps and if EOSIO is to be successful the DApp ecosystem needs to grow and be utilised.

Ultimately EOSphere can be considered as Good Actors and Excellent Custodians of the EOS-Mainnet and other sisterchains soon to be launched. We have the required technical expertise, professionalism and infrastructure; we sponsor and support the best initiatives; we are upstanding members of the global community, highly visible and easily contactable; and we aim to make EOSIO the business friendly platform is was built to be.

A vote for EOSphere is a vote for a positive inclusive future on EOS-Mainnet and EOSIO sister/sidechains.

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