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We Support The Best DApps And Services - Part1
Best dApps and Services
1. We Support the Best dApps and Services – Part1
2. We Support the Best dApps and Services – Part2
3. We Support the Best dApps and Services – Part3

We Support the Best dApps and Services – Part1

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The success of any software platform is inexplicably tied to user adoption. Users adopt a platform when they receive excellent utility and service offerings… this is provided by Applications and in the case of a decentralised platform through Decentralised Applications (dApps).

With this said we thought that this article describing our partners, their goals and why we are working with them would be some excellent insight to our community and the amazing activity going on in the ecosystem.

At our core we have always aimed to serve the entire EOSphere by enabling community growth and EOSIO platform adoption through provision of foundational block producer services and initiatives. In our opinion being an effective block producer goes way beyond signing blocks and running infrastructure; we believe it is imperative that we actively stimulate development on EOSIO by assisting business to embrace the technology and encouraging developers to choose this platform.

On our Block Producer Candidacy journey, starting in January 2018, we have had the opportunity to meet with many established businesses, developers and entrepreneurs. This has put us in a unique position to demonstrate EOSIO as a business-friendly platform and actively work with the development and deployment of dApps on this technology. In turn this means we have actually partnered with numerous organisations and individuals to accomplish our ever-increasing goal of ecosystem growth and platform adoption.

Partnering with EOSphere can be many things,

Social – at the base layer it will mean that we will share our social media footprint to evangelise the product and ensure our community is kept up to date with development, features, roadmaps etc.

Bandwidth – we may stake bandwidth (CPU and Network) as we do for many of our partners to ensure their contracts can run unhindered by utilisation constraints.

Funding – we directly fund through donation to the development of dApps that provide community a benefit.

Participation – we participate as team members, as sounding boards, as community channel administrators.

Infrastructure – we are also provide compute and software infrastructure for operations and development in our two Data Centres.

Consulting – through our EOSphere Dev business we provide consulting, project management, organisational change management and software development as well as advice.


We have created the following partner list in chronological order, this list is also the first article of a multipart series, a single comprehensive article was far too lengthy.


We met the Emanate founders Sean, Trent and Jimi at our first EOS Sydney meetup at the beginning of March 2018. At that stage we knew little to nothing about the inner workings and challenges of artists in the music industry in particular the issue of fair compensation for their work.

Emanate are building ‘technology for the future of music’ – an Audio Exchange Protocol designed to evolve the music industry into the blockchain era, allowing artists to be paid in real-time and to collaborate globally without the need for trust.

This is bringing a much needed efficiency and transparency to the music industry. Emanate are ultimately constructing a self-governing decentralised organisation (working with eosDAC) that will align the incentives of all the music industry participants.The more we learned about the Emanate vision the more we realised that their dApp would bring the exact kind of EOSIO platform adoption we are trying to influence. It was immediately clear that a partnership would benefit both our organisations. We aren’t alone in our thinking as also saw Emanate’s value by presenting them as a showcase dApp at Blockchain Live in London 2018, and they’ve been kicking goals ever since.

Emanate have published a detailed roadmap on their site and are now moving into the Live Alpha product sprint. We are also quite excited to share with everyone that the Live Demo environment is now publicly available. Here you can experience an initial taste of the technology and of course some of the excellent Emanate supporting artists.

Emanate has also just reopened their pre-sale where eligible EOS holders can Purchase EMT Tokens for use on the platform.

Sean Gardner, Emanate CEO, keeps us well informed of their projects and I know there are a lot of huge advancements, initiatives and further promotions coming this year. Follow Emanate’s Twitter and Medium so that you don’t miss out on any action.


We connected with EOS42 at the beginning of 2018 where we were first introduced to the idea of an EOS token leasing platform. The nature of the resource model on the EOS network means that EOS tokens need to be staked to access CPU and Network resources, which made the initial idea for the Chintai platform intriguing and one that could solve potential user and dApp constraint once the EOS mainnet was launched. Eager to be involved with the community and projects that are beneficial to the ecosystem we were happy to join as a Block Producer Sponsor. We never imagined how important the role of Chintai would end up being to ensure business continuity on the network and we are proud to have our name associated with this platform. chintai_app2.JPG

Chintai will shortly be releasing Version 2.0 of the platform that will bring exciting new features such as a CHEX Token, an OTC Market, a UI for REX and RAM trading. If you are looking for additional EOS resources or a return on your staked tokens be sure to take a look at the platform.

RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub

The RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub is made up of a group of researchers based in Melbourne Australia who focus on academic studies in economics, political-economy, organisational theory, law, sociology, politics and communications.They work on cryptoeconomics, business strategy and adaptation to blockchain technologies, mapping the blockchain economy and identifying the public policy challenges that will hold back or accelerate this economic revolution. EOSphere have worked with RMIT to connect them to EOSIO and the EOS community where they participate in discussions across communities and governance focused groups.

RMIT offer university courses in The Blockchain Economy as well as Cryptofinance and Cryptocurrency. They have also published numerous blockchain focused academic papers #1 #2 #3

We are extremely enthusiastic about or partnership with RMIT, in our opinion real world adoption starts with education and this group of academics are certainly leading the charge.


BOID is short for bird-oid. A computer simulation of birds in a flock, each “boid” follows simple rules of interaction with nearby boids. Many boids interacting results in emergent meta patterns. Likewise, the BOID Platform relies on computing resources from a large number of individual contributors.

These small contributions cumulate into massive real-world impact, in this case utilising spare CPU capacity through distributed computing to perform valuable cancer research.We have created an EOSphere Team on the BOID platform where you can earn BOID token rewards for contributing your computing power through an easy to use client on your pc. Come join in the competition between other global teams while at the same time doing something meaningful for the scientific community and earning rewards.


We welcome 0xWarriors to EOSIO, 0xWarriors is 1 of 3 games that 0xGames have created however it is their first game to be launched on the EOSIO platform. 0xGames were aware of our community reach in the EOSIO space and to them it was an obvious fit that we would be one of their first Block Producers to help support their team within the community as they join the EOS platform for the first time.
0xGames started in 2017 with their first product being 0xUniverse where players settle planets in a really cool 3D world. From this success the team moved on to create 0xBattleships and now 0xWarriors.

0xWarriors is a RPG battler where players will be able to join tournaments, equip their battletroops, trade weapons and fight until they are the last man standing. Currently in BETA and available on the google play store, they aim to launch in the Apple App store soon.

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