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Proxy Vote for the Good Guys

There has been a lot of discussion recently in regards to the distribution of votes that have been cast for Block Producers on the EOS Mainnet DPOS ladder, more specifically there seems to be a steep drop off curve from position number 1 to position number 70.

Thanks to EOS Titan for the graphical representation below:

When speaking of a decentralised blockchain such as the EOS Platform we tend to think of the Top 21 Block Producers signing blocks for the network, representing the community governance, managing contract changes and upgrading the code with consensus etc.

But what is often not recognised is the need for a truly decentralised mesh of peer to peer connections across the globe, multiple API interfaces for DApp developers and users to connect with the network as well as one of the most important aspects… a thriving community that embraces the ethos of the EOS platform, participates in governance discussion, brings ideas, hosts and creates toolsets and holds the Elected Block Producers Accountable.

This role is performed by the many Backup Block Producers, who are ready to step up to produce blocks at a moment’s notice and who work to grow the EOS community and platform adoption every day.

So, what does this have to do with the afore mentioned vote distribution?

You may have heard that Elected Block Producers and Backup Block Producers are rewarded proportionately by the number of votes they receive as well as the Elected Block Producers receiving a reward split amongst the Top 21 for actually signing the blocks.

What you may not be aware of is that Backup Block Producers are only rewarded if they are above a 0.5{6791e5bc43e7f068ba63232c9befbb2f4a01a740ecd1e58948db5a7b7d2c1843} threshold of total votes cast in the network, this means that there is a cut-off of funding to run infrastructure, services, initiatives and possibly to even participate in the global community if they don’t receive sufficient votes to stay above this line.

At the time of writing this article there are only 34 Backup Block Producers that are being rewarded and a tail of at least 50 who aren’t. Many of these teams are excellent custodians of the mainnet across all aspects; education, leadership, community, development, technical ability and were instrumental in the lead up and the launch itself. Quite often the only reason why they have not received sufficient votes is because they haven’t received the proverbial “whale” or “exchange proxy” vote, even though they have a large community following.

So let’s do something about it!

We have created a proxy account for the benefit of the Good Guys who haven’t received enough vote support. “goodguys4eos

A proxy is an account that will vote on your behalf so you won’t have to continuously vote or stay on top of who needs support, you can also track who goodguys4eos are voting for here thanks to Aloha EOS for their tool.

This is the current set of criteria goodguys4eos are voting for:

  • Have received below 1{6791e5bc43e7f068ba63232c9befbb2f4a01a740ecd1e58948db5a7b7d2c1843} of total network votes
  • Adherence to the {{ regproducer }} Agreement
  • Adherence to the Constitution
  • Active Participation in the Community

Allowing goodguys4eos to vote on your behalf is just as simple as casting a vote on many of the available platforms:

Genereos Toolkit –

EOSphere EOS Voter –

EOS Command Line – cleos

cleos system voteproducer proxy <MY EOS Account> goodguys4eos

We are confidant that if you the community can support this initiative we can keep the good guys operational taking the EOS platform to the next level.

If you have any suggestions on the criteria or who should be supported come discuss in our telegram group

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