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EOSphere – WAX Guild Candidacy Announcement

“…we are pleased to announce our candidacy as the EOSphere Guild on the Worldwide Asset eXchange Blockchain


EOSphere are an Australian based and registered PTY LTD business headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. Committed to EOSIO technology we aim to serve the entire EOSphere enabling community growth and EOSIO platform adoption through provision of block producer services and initiatives.

We are made up of a passionate group of EOSIO enthusiasts, community members and data centre professionals who have been involved in the global EOS ecosystem since the beginning of 2018. We currently run EOSIO infrastructure and services for 8 discrete blockchains out of our 2 bare-metal data centre deployments located in Sydney Australia. These are EOS, Worbli, Telos, Force, BOSCore, MEET.ONE, Aikon ORE Network and the Jungle Testnet. We are also service providers for the privEOS network and run DSP services on the LiquidApps DAPP network as well as provide transaction history services across most of our supported chains.

Our primary function is to effectively provide the block production services required to support thousands of commercial scale dApps, requiring not only an agile and secure enterprise scale infrastructure solution, but also a mature operational structure to govern, monitor, maintain and manage an EOSIO blockchain.

Professional integrity, transparency, commitment, cooperation and independence are all characteristics that the EOSIO community has come to expect from EOSphere since our company launch in 2018. We also believe in the concept of a positive feedback loop where block rewards are reinvested back into the EOSIO Ecosystem to grow the community and platform adoption.

We are positive that our technical expertise, geographical location and EOSIO pedigree are precisely the criteria that Wordwide Asset eXchnage (WAX) require in a quality WAX Guild and we are pleased to announce our candidacy as the EOSphere Guild on the Worldwide Asset eXchange Blockchain.

Social Media

EOSphere Dev:
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Official WAX Guild Candidacy Name

EOSphere, registered as eosphereiobp on the WAX blockchain.

Company Headquarters

Perth, Australia

Expected Location of Servers

Sydney, Australia

  • Equinix SY3
  • Equinix SY4

Type of Servers

Highly available bare-metal Block Production and API servers distributed between two geographically separate data centres.

Current Team and Expertise

Our current team of 10 is made up of career professionals; datacentre, networking and security experts and community members, located across 4 countries Australia, China, Finland and the United Kingdom.


Over the last 20 years Ross has worked as an IT integration professional primarily in the networking and security space. Ross became interested in crypto currency and blockchain technology in 2012 and has garnered experience with graphene blockchain technology in Bitshares, Steem and more recently EOS, where he is currently Head of Operations for EOSphere an EOSIO Block Producer
Ross has a professional skill set and experience in Business Management, specifically Professional and Consulting Service Management where he has been the State Services Manager for a $100M integration business, as well as having Technical and Solution Architecture Certifications.


Shelley has multi-year experience in marketing and event co-ordination including managing and executing on some of South-Africa’s largest private and corporate events, she also worked extensively in the Australian Medical Insurance industry.
Shelley has been involved in the Crypto space for some time starting with blogging on steemit in 2016 and now with her latest passion being the EOSIO platform. Recently Shelley has put her energy into engaging with the global EOS community as well as facilitating our Meetup Tour’s across Australia.


Simon has spent almost 20 years in the Banking and Finance sector in roles predominantly within the Business Operations and Technology streams. Since founding Bit School in 2017, Simon has been active on Steemit and in many crypto social media groups.
Several of Simon’s online “chats” with industry leaders such as Daniel Larimer (Block.One CTO) have been featured in many prominent crypto industry videos, articles and pod casts. Having introduced many people to the crypto space, and assisted many more with questions around security, storage, general market conditions and how to assess crypto projects, Simon continues to increase adoption and use of blockchain through education and engagement, which is exactly what EOSphere stands for.


Matt has over 12 years of Business Development experience and has built up quite the skill set focusing on Research & Strategy, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Negotiation & Persuasion skills, Collaboration, Communication & Interpersonal Skills.
Matt has used these skills to continually identify opportunities throughout different types of organizations to develop their business. Matt has now found his feet within the cryptocurrency space and is excited to use his skill sets to help his peers to continue to grow and develop.


John brings over 30 years IT experience to EOSphere. He’s worked in both technical and management level roles for large financial institutions in Manchester and the City of London. He also brings a wealth of knowledge from his infrastructure background, his specialties are managing enterprise level platforms, compliance and regulatory reporting and platform monitoring. He has successfully delivered a large number of global projects and is comfortable working in rapidly changing environments.
John has been interested in blockchain technology and crypto currencies for around two years. We are looking forward to John engaging further with the global EOS community and raising awareness of the EOSIO platform and our EOSphere values in Europe.


Mark is a full stack developer with 20 years experience with everything in software, desktop, mobile, Android tablets, web and now EOS Smart Contracts.
He has experience in working for a number of Perth startups and was the CTO of small business point of sale startup OscarPOS for 7 years.
He loves EOS as being the first smart contract platform that it focused on making it practical to build real dApps that ordinary people can use.


Jason is a maths teacher and believes that the underlying architecture of the world is built by mathematics. After first hearing of blockchain, he was deeply attracted to all things behind it’s functionality, however was unsure of how it would achieve widespread adoption.
The emergence of EOS allowed Jason to see the hope of a large-scale application of blockchain, which would be huge in his view.
In the Chinese EOS community, Jason has always played the role of a preacher or evangelist of EOSIO technology. He has written more than one hundred EOS articles covering such topics as introductions to EOS Block Producers; the design logic behind EOS and calling for token holders to exercise their vote for the health of the network, to name a few.
Jason is also an accomplished writer on his account and has more than 10,000 fans, he will be administering our EOSPhere page ensuring that our EOSphere messaging is effectively presented to the Chinese community.


Chris is a Prince2 accredited Project Manager who’s day job has him working in the Australian education sector. He currently manages the Project Office at the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre in Australia, which is an independent not-for-profit focused on applications and admission tools for the higher education sector.
Chris sees the value in public blockchain technology in reducing economic friction and progressing human cooperation. He started volunteering for the EOS Worker Proposal System (WPS) design group in July, where he manages most of the public communications.


Over the last 20 years Torben has worked as a technology professional delivering major global financial services implementations. He started his career as a software engineer and now helps business leaders become the best innovators in their industry by creating highly effective teams, projects and systems.
He is passionate about making the impossible possible and committed to developing the future prosperity of blockchain.


A full stack web developer since way before it became a buzz word or even a real job title. For 15 years Brendon worked in incredible teams as an Integration Specialist for Oracle and IBM projects. In 2015 looking for a new challenge he built and successfully exited out of a Fintech Startup – Paytradie.
With a rare balance of technical, analytical and business skills, Brendon is ultimately passionate about building a thriving startup incubator within EOSphere to support new blockchain startups throughout Australia.
Brendon’s latest EOSphere {/dev} project was building Ashe Oro’s and Zane Whitener’s TokenYield platform.

Technical Specifications

Data Centres

Our infrastructure deployment runs across two geographically separate Data Centre’s in Sydney Australia.


N+1 Power Redundancy
N+1 Cooling Redundancy
SSAE16/ISAE3402 SOC-1 Type II
ISO 27001


N+1 Power Redundancy
N+1 Cooling Redundancy
SSAE16/ISAE3402 SOC-1 Type II
SSAE16/ISAE3402 SOC-2 Type II
ISO 27001


In order for us to structurally scale across multiple blockchain networks while ensuring security and performance, we have created our own building block approach demonstrated in the high-level topology below.


Client API requests come in from diverse upstream services providers with DDoS protection landing on a cluster of loadbalancers which are located across both SY3 and SY4. These loadbalancers provide SSL offloading and acceleration forwarding HTTP requests in an intelligent highly available round robin fashion to the relevant EOSIO API servers.

API Nodes

Each blockchain has its group of API nodes located across each Data Centre to ensure high availability. These servers have fast enterprise class Intel XEON CPU’s running in SuperMicro servers, a large amount of RAM and most importantly Samsung EVO 970 NVMe high speed storage to ensure swift access to disk data required by nodeos.


The internal private network is made up of multiple VLANs to keep a degree of logical separation between services. Physical servers have Gigabit links with the backbone being 10 Gigabit. VLANs are spanned across both SY3 and SY4, even though they are over 1km apart latency is extremely low.

Block Producer Nodes

Our Block Production nodes run on quick current Generation Intel XEON E3-1240 v6 CPU’s with DDR4 RAM also using SuperMicro servers. Although not the most expensive CPU’s, with us having BIOS level access we are able to adjust the processor performance settings giving us a sustained clock speed of 4.0 – 4.1GHz with excellent results. Below are our Jungle Testnet performance metrics which are reliably in the 1.1ms range.
jungle benchmark.JPG


We have two Juniper SRX firewall clusters also spanned across both SY3 and SY4. These firewalls handle all Network Address Translation (NAT) and Firewall Policies for all internet communication other than the API requests which are on a separate Internet feed and through the loadbalancers. The Internet feed to the firewalls is also provided by diverse upstream providers with DDoS protection.

Other Services

Our Data Centre is not just made up of API and BP nodes, we also have a monitoring and management as well as a development environment for EOSphere Dev amongst other breakthrough EOSIO services as well as a VMWARE vSphere Deployment.

Scaling and Expenditure

Our modular approach to building our blockchain services enables us to easily accommodate new chains and scale them up if and when required without compromising security or performance. We are more than able to accommodate the current WAX required technical specification without purchasing additional hardware or internet bandwidth at this point.

Community Benefit Initiatives

From the beginning EOSphere have always been extremely active in building the global EOSIO community, growing the ecosystem and stimulating platform adoption. Whether it was at one of our numerous meetups across Australia, Technical and Educational Videos or sponsorship of community initiatives, we have always decided our focus by measuring against a single question “will this community activity provide a clear and direct benefit to the entire EOSIO ecosystem?”

The WAX community can expect the same focus from our team of enthusiasts especially in the Oceania community although we certainly have a global following.

The success of any software platform is inexplicably tied to user adoption. Users adopt a platform when they receive excellent utility and service offerings… this is provided by Applications and in the case of a decentralised platform such as WAX through Decentralised Applications (dApps).
On our journey we have had the opportunity to meet with many established businesses, developers and entrepreneurs. This has put us in a unique position to demonstrate EOSIO and now WAX as a business-friendly platform and actively work with the development and deployment of WAX dApps on this technology. We have actually partnered with numerous organisations and individuals to date and will now actively be introducing these groups to WAX as well.

Our EOSphere {/dev} business leverages our community standing and expertise to provide project management, consultancy and development services. We are engaged with a number of startups and established businesses and absolutely love helping new entity’s to identify where blockchain can add value. We actually offer a free 30min consulting service to help jump start projects or organisations into action and are truly pumped to add the WAX Blockchain to our supported platforms.

Telegram and Sense Chat Contacts

All of the EOSphere team are available in our community telegram group, and you can contact our founder and head of operations Ross Dold on Telegram – @rossco99 / Sense Chat – rossdold1111

Our thoughts on:


We believe in the mechanics and benefits of DPoS, excellent Block Producers should be voted in on their value to network and community. A significant focus of ours will be with educating the community on supporting the right Guilds with the right expertise.

Transparency and Accountability

EOSphere PTY LTD is a registered Australian Company. Since the creation of EOSphere in January 2018 we have been completely self-funded and don’t expect to have any external investment at all, we are independent. As a paid Guild, block producers should be held accountable for the quality of their services provided to the WAX network.


Infrastructure security and key management are essential to a healthy ecosystem and network. EOSphere have had significant experience in this space in previous careers and in the blockchain space.


As mentioned before Guilds are being paid for a service, effective infrastructure is a necessity and should be measured through available metrics to ensure block producer suitability.


In conclusion it should be mentioned that we have recently partnered with StrongBlock along with numerous other EOSIO focused organisations including WAX, to provide development, project management and block producers services in this developing technology. We certainly see this as a vote of confidence in our capabilities.

Ultimately EOSphere can be considered as Good Actors and Excellent Custodians of EOSIO networks. We have the required technical expertise, professionalism and infrastructure; we sponsor and support the best initiatives; we are upstanding members of the global community, highly visible and easily contactable; and as EOSphere Guild we aim to make WAX network the awesome inclusive platform we know it can be.

Please support our EOSphere Guild by voting for eosphereiobp on WAX

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