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EOSphere supports the Aikon ORE Protocol

“ EOSphere are happy to announce that we have just become appointed Block Producers on the ORE Network…”

The ORE Protocol (Developed by AIKON) is a blockchain-hosted API that provides a developer-friendly way to define any digital asset (or any physical asset with an online digital representation) and to trade and control access to these protected resources. The ORE Protocol is made up of a Rights Token which enables access to protected resources and a Rights Registry which records all rights names to URI mappings which are typically API endpoints.

The Rights Token and Rights Registry smart contracts form the core of the ORE protocol. They are contracts deployed on an EOSIO platform and in this case on an EOS sisterchain called the ORE Network.

The ORE Network is a public blockchain with a network of appointed Block Producers and is designed for complete interoperability with the EOS Mainnet, the sole function of the ORE Network being to store rights tokens and user accounts. Accounts and tokens created on the ORE network interoperate with accounts, tokens and transactions on the EOS Mainnet.

EOSphere are happy to announce that we have just become appointed Block Producers on the ORE Network and are currently producing blocks and running infrastructure to support this fantastic service along with a few other well-known EOS Mainnet BPs (Infinitybloc, shEOS, AlohaEOS, EOS Argentina, AtticLab, eosBlockSmith, EOS CSX, EOS Detroit and EOS Tribe).

EOSphere have always supported initiatives that provide a positive impact to the EOSIO ecosystem and with regards to the ORE Protocol it’s because of ORE ID (OAuth for Blockchain)

ORE ID allows anyone to access your EOS Mainnet dApp with one-click sign up and blockchain account creation using a login that they are already familiar with. ORE ID supports Google, Facebook, Github, Linkedin, Twitter, Twitch, and practically any other OAuth-enabled login provider. This drastically removes the friction that new users to EOS or Blockchain in general experience when using a dApp for the first time.

Everipedia is currently using ORE ID, read the case study here.

As more and more dApps are built on EOS Mainnet, improving the experience for new users is the number one priority to ensure mainstream adoption, the ORE Protocol and ORE ID are a leap in the right direction.

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