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EOSphere’s primary mission is to effectively provide the Block Producer services required to support thousands of commercial scale decentralised applications (DApps) which requires not only an agile enterprise scale infrastructure solution, but also a mature operational structure to govern, monitor, maintain and manage the EOS blockchain.

We also believe in the concept of a positive feedback loop where block rewards are reinvested back into the EOS Ecosystem to grow the community and platform adoption through initiatives and education ultimately increasing the value of the EOS token.

Code of Conduct
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    The EOSphere team are career professionals. We are united in the belief that decentralisation offers the potential to help realise a more equitable world. In other words, we are what you might consider good, socially responsible individuals who are invested in orchestrating positive change.

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    EOSphere is a registered company in Australia, with a registered office/HQ in Perth and may be required to submit financial reports to ASIC – the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. EOSphere will also aim to make itself available to any reasonable request from EOS community groups.

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    We recognise that successfully running and governing an EOS.IO based blockchain is a community effort. EOSphere is committed to allocating a proportion of Block Producer rewards to ‘all-of-community benefit’ and/or ‘all-of block producer’ style initiatives and projects. Examples might be funding joint development of Block Producer specific monitoring tools, funding community beneficial DApps, or funding developer and community education initiatives.

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    EOSphere will support and defend the guidelines and governance set by the EOS.IO Constitution. We defend the rights of the EOS Community and the EOS token holders; and will not comply with any forbidden requests.

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    Position on Dividends

    EOSphere are fundamentally against the practice of paying dividends to token holders in exchange for their vote as we believe this will significantly negatively impact the growth of the EOS ecosystem.

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    Professional integrity

    The EOSphere team are 15+ year career professionals with outstanding community and industry reputations. For us, this means conducting ourselves and representing EOS stakeholders in a professional, respectful, honest and ethical manner.

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    EOSphere’s current operations and expenditure are entirely funded by our team members’ personal funds and Backup Block Producer rewards generated from EOS-Mainnet. EOSphere are committed to the success of the EOSIO platform with a diverse team of full and part-time members as well as Community team members all sharing the common goal of growing the Ecosystem and platform adoption.

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    Although running and governing an EOS.IO based blockchain will be a co-operative effort, it’s important for the decentralised nature of the EOS blockchain governance mechanisms that EOSphere is not influenced by a vested interest and is free from any constraints that would prevent it from taking the correct and proper course of action. EOSphere will take any necessary steps to maintain that independence.

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    Arbitration Decisions

    EOSphere and its team members will stand by and defend all decisions made by the appointed or elected EOS Arbitrators. We will uphold the decisions that are made through the Arbitration process.

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    Positive Feedback Loop

    EOSphere believes in creating a positive feedback loop where the rewards from Block Production will be reinvested to grow the EOS ecosystem. Some of the ways that EOSphere are committed to reinvesting in EOS are:

    • Data Centre Infrastructure and Operations for running the EOS Blockchain
    • EOS Blockchain Governance
    • EOS Community Support and Engagement
    • Financial Support for EOS DApp Development
    • Sponsoring EOS Education and Awareness
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