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EOS Python-Demux

Python Demux for EOS

py-demux-eos is an implementation of the Demux library for Python   What is Demux? Demux is a library and design pattern introduced by in July 2018. It allows programmers to reduce the cost of querying data in EOSIO blockchain…

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Proxy Vote for the Good Guys

There has been a lot of discussion recently in regards to the distribution of votes that have been cast for Block Producers on the EOS Mainnet DPOS ladder, more specifically there seems to be a steep drop off curve from…

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Block Producer Recommendations

EOSphere Voting Guide and Fellow Block Producer Recommendations We are into the third day of EOS Mainnet voting and token holder vote participation is slowly increasing, looking at the current statistics we are nearly half way with over 6{6791e5bc43e7f068ba63232c9befbb2f4a01a740ecd1e58948db5a7b7d2c1843}.. meaning we still…

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RMIT University - Blockchain - EOSphere - EOS

Online EOS developer courses

RMIT University partner with EOSphere for EOS research and online EOS developer courses Fri 27th April 2018. RMIT and EOSphere signed a letter of understanding, where EOSphere has committed to fund EOS specific research and online developer training delivered by…

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