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EOS Python-Demux

Python Demux for EOS

py-demux-eos is an implementation of the Demux library for Python   What is Demux? Demux is a library and design pattern introduced by in July 2018. It allows programmers to reduce the cost of querying data in EOSIO blockchain…

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Where Games and Art Collide

  • December 17, 2018
  • News

Before going into what this project is I wanted to share why I got involved and why I believe that pixEOS has a bright future. I first got talking to Fred Co-Founder of pixEOS during a group discussion that we…

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Trybe partners with EOSphere

  • December 5, 2018
  • News

It is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce our official partnership with EOSphere! EOSphere is a block producer for EOS, who are also based in Australia like the founder of Trybe, Tom Norwood. EOSphere was actually one of…

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