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We Support The Best DApps And Services - Part3
Best dApps and Services
1. We Support the Best dApps and Services – Part1
2. We Support the Best dApps and Services – Part2
3. We Support the Best dApps and Services – Part3

We Support the Best dApps and Services – Part3

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EOSphere partner and support the Best dApps and Services in the EOSIO ecosystem, this article is a continuation of a series.. Part 1 which you can find here and Part 2 which you can find herewhere we aim to introduce you to the excellent offerings from our supported partners.



Can you imagine controlling a physical robot through sending actions on an EOSIO blockchain, this is exactly what Dan at proxibots has delivered.

How it works is you unlock the tank like robot on-chain through the site using scatter and the Telos blockchain and then send secure commands in real-time off-chain for approximately 4 minutes, the objective being to scan QR codes placed around a room competing for prizes.It’s certainly just a bit of fun.. but the potential to scale this idea across other industries is limitless. We really enjoy supporting and working with proxibots and are excited to see where it will go in the future.


Almost a household name within the gambling community, DICE took the EOS gambling space by storm and started to set the platform standard for upcoming dapps.

We had the opportunity to talk to the team at DICE in November 2018 and identified that we could help them continue to grow by supporting them within the community. Since being a partner with DICE we have seen them go from having one game on their platform to now having six and Texas Hold Em is around the corner. We are really proud to be a part of their journey and to be a main support team for them going forward.


SignalX has started a movement to address the ICO model dysfunction that has led to the current crisis of confidence in the sector, by establishing a Trust Utility Protocol. SignalX will launch a Trusted Token Offering (TTO) protocol and service, which brings investors, projects and the community together to create a service that implements strong investor protections via project transparency and a performance based funding model.

Innovative game changing features include implementing independent validation of project claims (assertions made to investors at raise on the project’s future state) and proof of performance/progress. Unlike the current model, project ICO funds/assets raised from investors are locked in custody contracts, which are released at predetermined payment milestones gates only when the contract conditions are verifiably achieved.

The SignalX TTO features an investor stop-loss that automatically returns unspent funds to investors if projects fails to achieve their contracted milestone KPI’s. Currently in the pilot phase, EOSphere have been working closely with SignalX on developing the TTO concept and expect to join other Block Producers as Trustee’s of the multi-signature SignalX TTO custody smart contracts when the platform MVP is deployed.


We were introduced to privEOS by EOSVibes in December 2018 who asked if we would be interested in joining the project. privEOS is product developed by SLANT that provides a platform for private data to be stored in a decentralised way. It also provides a mechanism for this data to be shared securely and at the same time being GDPR compliant.

privEOS uses a network of nodes and distributed key management to ensure data is stored securely. Currently EOSphere are running a privEOS node with numerous other businesses and Block Producers in a test network using the Jungle2.0 blockchain.

We are really energised to be part of this project and look forward to being part of the production network, we know it is going to solve a real-world privacy issue when running a commercial dApp on an EOSIO blockchain.



One of our more recent partnerships is PLAAK an Australian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency business based in Perth. PLAAK’s primary focus is a crypto exchange and a hardware wallet with biometrics and Point of Sale (PoS) functionality.

Although currently not supporting EOSIO technology, EOSphere are working closely with PLAAK to ensure that the EOSIO community are able to experience the benefits of a secure, convenient and easy to use hardware wallet.

With the card and platform launching at the end of February 2019 we are currently expecting EOSIO functionality to be available by then or shortly after. Follow us on twitter ( for updates, this card is very cool.


The friendship between MEET.ONE and EOSphere goes way back to the beginning of time in February 2018. The MEET.ONE wallet application has great usability and is feature rich including EOS news and providing a gateway to numerous dApps.

We are currently community partners with MEET.ONE on their program to encourage new users to the EOS ecosystem through provision of free EOS Mainnet accounts.

Currently the most popular EOS Wallet, the MEET.ONE wallet describes itself as “The Portal to EOS Ecology” and we are only too happy to encourage EOS community growth and platform adoption by new users.Please contact us in our telegram ( if you would like to take advantage of a free EOS mainnet account in the MEET.ONE wallet.

The Future

Over our EOSIO journey this last year it is clear that there are some amazing projects, initiatives and services being developed and deployed. EOSIO is an exciting technology and community that we feel certain will deliver on the promises blockchain has been evangelising for years.

Reviewing our current partner list it’s astounding how far our ecosystem has come. Looking forward, we expect our partnerships to grow continuously and to start seeing some real world problems being solved without anyone even realising a blockchain or EOSIO is responsible.

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